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I get a lot of requests for ring sizes to make specific projects in specific magazines. Listed below are a few of them - please send me email if the project that you want to make isn't in the list yet.

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If you've never ordered rings from me you'll probably want to look through the explanation of my ring names posted on my FAQ page. It will tell you what codes like "9:18gf" and "3M20" mean.

Art Jewelry
May 2011
page 36
"Double-Barrel Bracelet" by John Fetvedt

In the sample picture that spans pages 36 and 37, John used Peacock mix niobium for the top bracelet and Fire mix for the bottom bracelet. You'll need two ounces of the 11:16 silver rings (and you'll have some leftovers) but only one ounce of niobium (with hardly any leftovers).

John calls for four rings of size 8:16 to connect to the clasp. This is a small, VERY strong size. You only need four of them, so instead of making you buy a whole ounce just let me know that you're buying rings for this project and I'll include a "sample" in your order. *smile*

One final note: my slide clasps have connecting loops that point the other direction than is shown in John's instructions. They will work for this project, but will look slightly different.

11:16 - sterling silver $51.12   (buy two ounces)
11:16nb - Peacock mix niobium $23.10  
11:16nb - Fire mix niobium $23.10  
8:16 - sterling silver   (only four rings needed - ask me for a "sample")
2-strand slide clasp $8.00    

There are many other color choices for those niobium rings. Browse the single color options and mixes for some other ideas. Just be sure to get size 11:16nb for this project!

Art Jewelry
January 2011
page 38
"Flower Bracelet" by Spider

This one is mine, so there's a proper kit page for it.

Art Jewelry
November 2010
page 36
Soldered Chain Mail Ring by Jamie Santellano

I double-checked with Jamie and she did use a true 5mm mandrel with half-hard sterling wire - so my 5M16 ring size will be just as shown in the article. As an aside, I've seen her soldered chainmail finger rings in person. Extremely yummy!

5M16 $51.12

Art Jewelry
Sept. 2010
page 50
"Celtic Visions" and "Zigzag" Bracelets by John Fetvedt

I need to do a bit of size testing for this one. The magazine lists a 3.2mm ID for the spine rings, which is definitely an approximation for 1/8" ID. But then the rest of the sizes are listed with even millimeter diameters. I'm guessing that John actually used inch sizes for all the rings, but until I have a chance to ask him or do some testing I'll list sizes as shown in the magazine.

Celtic Visions   large rings - 8M16 $51.12
spine rings - 8:18gf $82.91
corner rings - 4M18gf $82.91
small rings - 3M18gf $82.91

spine rings - 8:18gf (one of the main Celtic Visions rings)
zigzag rings - 4M16gf $75.70

Art Jewelry
July 2010
page 68
"Whip Up" by Esther Lee

Esther is a bit ambiguous about what size ring to use, but the size that she made is what I call 4M18. (4mm mandrel, 18ga half-hard sterling wire.) If you prefer to use inch sizes, my 10:18 size is almost exactly the same thing (5/32" mandrel). I did a bit of testing, and for 4M18 and 10:18 you'll get (roughly) 9½ inches of weave from one troy ounce of rings.

However... in that size the weave is fairly rigid. It curves enough for a necklace, but maybe not for a bracelet. I've listed a few brass sizes in case you want to do some size testing before deciding on a silver size.

silver rings - 4M18 $55.99  
silver rings - 10:18 $55.99  

Brass Testing Rings
brass, 4mm ID - 4M18jb $6.50  
brass, 4.25mm ID - 4.25M18jb $6.50  
brass, 4.5mm ID - 4.5M18jb $6.50  
brass, 4.75mm ID - 4.75M18jb $6.50  
brass, 5mm ID - 5M18jb $6.50  
brass, 5/32" ID - 10:18jb $6.50  
brass, 11/64" ID - 11:18jb $6.50  
brass, 3/16" ID - 12:18jb $6.50  
brass, 13/64" ID - 13:18jb $6.50  

Art Jewelry
Nov 2009
page 64
"Heracles Knots with Byzantine Chain" by Howard Siegel

This project calls for only two of the 16ga rings - when you place your order, include a note letting me know that you're getting the 3M20 size for this project and I'll toss in the two 16ga rings.

I can also make the fine silver rings used in this project. Please email me if you're interested in purchasing them.

20 gauge - 3M20 $60.86  
16 gauge - added with purchase of 20ga rings

Lapidary Journal
Jewelry Artist
Oct 2010
page 62
"Mobius Ball" earrings by Scott Plumlee

I did a few rounds of testing with Scott to get the sizes to match up - that's why the silver/goldfill/brass rings are made on an 11/32" mandrel and the copper rings are made on a 9mm mandrel. But even if they look strange, these are all Scott Approved™ sizes.

silver - size 22:17 $53.55
goldfill - size 22:17gf $79.31
brass - size 22:17jb $5.50
copper - size 9M17cu $5.50
sterling earwires $2.00/pair

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Dec-Jan 2012
page 46
"Captive Pearls" by Lauren Andersen

The size listing is a tad confusing on this one. The magazine lists a 6.5mm inner diameter, but what you really want is size 16:18 (closer to a 6.25mm inner diameter).

18ga rings - size 16:18 $55.99  
sterling earwires $2.00/pair     (mine look a little different than what's shown in the magazine)

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Jun-Jul 2011
page 23
"Lace Skirts" by Lauren Andersen

Delicious Japanese 12-in-2 variations? Oh gee, twist my arm... *grin*
This is my favorite weave in the world, and Lauren added a really nice flair.

It's worth noting that the small 20ga rings are also available in niobium. I think I'm going to make a goldfill version of these earrings, with a colorfade stripe. (yum!)

small 20ga rings - 6:20 $60.86
medium 20ga rings - 7:20 $60.86
19ga rings - 10:19 $58.42
small 16ga rings - 16:16 $51.12
large 16ga rings - 25:16
sterling earwires $2.00/pair

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Dec-Jan 2011
page 20
"Komodo" by Charlene Anderson

I started to write up a complicated explanation for substitutions from SWG to AWG, but realized that I was making it too complicated. Instead, I've listed the bracelet sizes for several metals - and you can look at the sample pictures for more options.

Copper (as shown in the magazine)
10:18cu $6.50
15:18cu $6.50

Sterling Silver
10:18 $55.99
15:18 $55.99

Yellow Gold Fill
10:18gf $82.91
15:18gf $82.91

White Gold Fill
10:18gfw $87.06
15:18gfw $87.06

Rose Gold Fill
10:18gfr $82.91
15:18gfr $82.91

Jewelry Brass
10:18jb $6.50
15:18jb $6.50

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Dec-Jan 2011
page 32
"Captive Caterpillar" by Shelley Hubbs

Shelly uses a mix of SWG and AWG wire in her project. I only sell rings in one gauge system (AWG) so I had to make a few tweaks to her sizes. But I did test my size recommendations and it came out really nicely! I don't carry the fancy toggle shown in the magazine, but a plain 10mm toggle is a reasonable low-key alternative.

These rings are silver and niobium (not aluminum and enamelled copper).

large silver rings - 10:17 $53.55
small silver rings - 8:19 $58.42
niobium rings - 12:18nb color #30 (light blue) $27.83
niobium rings - 12:18nb color #70 (purple) $27.83
10mm plain toggle $7.00

There are many more color options than just light blue and purple. Browse the single color options and mixes if you're feeling adventurous. Just be sure to get size 12:18nb for this project!

And if you're feeling especially adverturous, I think this project would be gorgeous with a color fade - pick up a copy of my color fade instructions for some pointers on working with color.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Dec-Jan 2011
page 42
"Snowflakes" by Rebeca Mojica

If you want to make an all-silver snowflake, here are the sizes that Rebeca lists:
tiny sterling rings - 6:21 $63.29
medium (thin) sterling rings - 10:19 $58.42
medium (thick) sterling rings - 10:18 $55.99

If you want to use niobium tiny rings, the sizes need to be tweaked a little bit:
tiny niobium rings - 6:20nb color #25 (dark blue) $36.30
tiny niobium rings - 6:20nb color #30 (light blue) $36.30
tiny niobium rings - 6:20nb color #35 (pale blue) $36.30
tiny niobium rings - 6:20nb color True Blue mix $36.30
medium (thin) sterling rings - 11:19 (not 10:19) $58.42
medium (thick) sterling rings - 11:18 (not 10:18) $55.99

And, of course, snowflakes don't have to be blue, so wander through the single colors and mixes if you're in the mood for purple snowflakes, lime green snowflakes, or rainbow snowflakes!

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Oct-Nov 2010
page 37
"Quad Cuff" by Lauren Andersen

It's worth noting that the three-row version on the cover was made with larger rings - sizes 9:18 and 15:18. It's also worth noting that all of these sizes (except size 12:20) are also available in niobium, if you want to add color that way.

page 37   large rings - 12:20 $60.86    
small rings - 8:20 $60.86    
4-strand slide clasp $10.00    

cover large rings - 15:18 $55.99    
small rings - 9:18 $55.99    
3-strand slide clasp $9.00    

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Oct-Nov 2010
page 45
"Okinawa" by Charlene Anderson

Millimeter Version
18 gauge 4.5mm - 4.5M18 $55.99
20 gauge, 2.75mm - 2.75M20 $60.86
Inch Version
18 gauge 4.5mm - 12:20 $60.86
20 gauge, 2.75mm - 7:20 $60.86

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
August-Sept 2010
page 14
"Victorian Floral Necklace" by Jacklyn Craft

Millimeter Version
20 gauge, 3mm -3M20 $60.86
18 gauge, 4.5mm - 4.5M18 $55.99

Inch Version
20 gauge, 1/8" - 8:20 $60.86
18 gauge, 3/16" - 12:18 $55.99

You only need two rings of the third size that the magazine lists - and for strength, you may want to consider doing away with them entirely. If you do want to use that third size, include a note with your order for the above rings and I'll toss those two extra rings in.

The sizes listed will make flowers a little floppier than I personally like. Students may want to consider substituting some of these sizes.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Aug-Sept 2010
page 30
"Mesmerize" Dragonscale Bracelet by Wendy Manz

There are a huge number of color combinations that are gorgeous for Dragonscale. Listed below are the two that Wendy used. I encourage you to browse the other mixes and solid colors available for niobium.

large rings - 15:18nb in Water mix $27.83   (buy two)
small rings - 9:18nb in Fire mix $27.83  

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
August-Sept 2010
page 39
"Cool Summer Breezes" Earrings by Lauren Andersen

The magazine lists these rings by millimeter equivalents, but Lauren definitely used inch sizes.

18 gauge, 5.95 (15/64") - 15:18 $55.99
18 gauge, 3.57mm (9/64") - 9:18 $55.99
22 gauge, 3.18mm (1/8") - 8:22 $65.73
20 gauge, 2.78mm (7/64") - 7:20 $60.86
sterling earwires $2.00

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
June-July 2010
page 13
"Squares with Flair" by Vanessa Walilko

The Swarovski crystals used in this bracelet have been ordered and are on their way!

18 gauge, 5/32" - 10:18 $55.99  (buy two)
16 gauge, 9/32" - 18:16 $51.12  
16 gauge, 1/4" - 16:16 $51.12  
17 gauge, 1/8" - 8:17 $53.55  
3-strand slide clasp $9.00  

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
June-July 2010
page 33
"Isle of Capri Set" by Charlene Anderson

18 gauge, 11/64" - 11:18 $55.99   (buy two)
sterling earwires $2.00  

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
June-July 2010
page 37
"Seashell Necklace" by Phyllis Adams

18 gauge, 9/64" - 9:18 $55.99  
18 gauge, 13/64" - 13:18 $55.99  
20 gauge, 9/64" - 9:20 $60.86  

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
June-July 2010
page 49
"Chain Maille Lite" by Amy Cox

16 gauge, 10mm - 10M16   
16 gauge, 3.5mm - 3.5M16

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
April-May 2010
page 12
"Blue My Mind Bracelet" by Shelley Hubbs

The two toggles that I'd use for this project are the Small Sea Urchin (H187S) or the Small Phoenix (S86). I especially like the Small Sea Urchin - a dimensional toggle would be extra gorgeous with this project!

Oh, and the Double Heart (H169S) isn't a toggle, but it would be really sweet!

Uh oh... The longer I look at the clasp options, the more good ones I see. You should probably look through the options to see which one you like best. Stick to the smaller clasps - they'll go better with the overall size of this bracelet.

16 gauge, 7/32" - 14:16 $51.12
18 gauge, 3/16" - 12:18 $55.99
Small Sea Urchin
(my favorite)

Step by Step Wire Jewelry
April-May 2010
page 22
"Celtic Cage Earrings" by Melissa Senetar, Ph.D.

If you'd like to add color with niobium rings, the equivalent sizes are 15:18nb and 9:18nb.

18 gauge, 6mm - 6M18 $55.99
18 gauge, 3.5mm - 3.5M18 $55.99
22 gauge, 2mm - 2M22
sterling earwires $2.00