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Chained by Rebeca Mojica
Gorgeous projects! Fun variations! Rebeca is a talented teacher and designer - her book is a treat. Softcover, 144 pages.

I worked up a set of kits for the book in goldfill. Enjoy!

Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry by Dylon Whyte
Dylon's latest book! If you're tired of chainmail that's only metal, then this is the book for you. Dylon shows a number of methods for adding beads to chainmail, without needing to wire wrap the beads. Just slip them straight onto the rings in some pretty ingenious ways. Lots of playful designs with the potential for extremely elegant if you choose the right beads. Hardcover, 144 pages.

I've started on the materials page for this book, but I'm nowhere near done yet. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need size recommendations for a project that I haven't yet posted.

The Art of Chainmail by Dylon Whyte
This book focuses more on armor than on jewelry. There are some nice pointers for how to fit curved objects and join odd shapes. It also covers the patterns for a whole range of european-based patterns. This is Dylon's first book, written before his collaboration on Lark's Chain Mail Jewelry title.

Spiral bound, 63 pages long, including a section on basic techniques and an inspiration gallery that demonstrates some of the techniques discussed in the book.

I also have a small number that have been autographed by Dylon Whyte. They cost $5 extra, and all the extra goes to the author. We appreciate your work Dylon, thank you!

$29.95    - autographed by Dylon Whyte
Chain and Bead Jewelry - Soldering Connections by Scott David Plumlee
Being able to solder your jump rings opens up a huge range of design possibilities. In this book, Scott shows you how to get started soldering your own work. It is more time-consuming than regular chainmail, but the results can be absolutely stunning. Softcover, 79 pages.

I have a kits page that includes all of Scott's books.

Chain and Bead Jewelry - Geometric Connections by Scott David Plumlee
In Scott's third book he comes back to Byzantine, but he gives it a wonderfully Japanese twist. This one is my personal favorite of his books thus far - especially the chapter on Triangle formations. (I've got to make the bracelet on page 97. Delicious texture!) Softcover, 160 pages.

I have a kits page that includes all of Scott's books.

Chain and Bead Jewelry - Creative Connections by Scott David Plumlee
Scott steps away from Byzantine in his second book and focuses mostly on Mobius with a smattering of Japanese and other weaves. Throughout the book he plays with interesting bead connections and swirly-spirally wire embellishments. Softcover, 160 pages.

I have a kits page that includes all of Scott's books.

Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry by Scott David Plumlee
Everything you ever wanted to know about Byzantine weave! This book takes Byzantine (what I call Birdcage, but I'm in the minority) to wonderful new dimensions. Some ingenious variations with really appealing bead additions. 123 pages long, including 50 pages of recommended techniques.

I have a kits page that includes all of Scott's books.

Chain Mail Jewelry by Terry Taylor and Dylon Whyte
A very nicely produced book. The instructions are clear and clean. The photography is beautiful, and the inspiration gallery at the back is truly inspiring! The ring sizes are sometimes listed out of order (size B before size A) but they're consistent with what's called for in the pattern, so this is a very minor quibble. This is the book that I've been waiting for! It shows a hint of the incredible range of possibilities in chainmail jewelry. A very good range from beginner to advanced, and rubber rings to gold.

I'm building a supply page with samples of projects from the book made with Spiderchain rings. If there's a project that you'd like to see posted before any of the others, please let me know. However, I'm only going to post samples for the artists who give me their permission, so I can't promise to do the one that you request.

This book covers 20 chains (plus variations) with clear, close B&W photos of all the steps and detailed instructions. It's spiral bound, 70 pages long, and includes several pages of basics on tools and cutting rings. It's a great book for beginning chainmaillers and will have some nice tidbits even for advanced chainmaillers. (I found half a dozen weaves that were new to me.)

If you don't want to make your own rings, or you don't have mandrels for some of the more unusual ring sizes that Becky recommends, I'm working on a supply page for her book. I'm still adding weaves, but will eventually have sample pictures for all her weaves with the ring sizes that she recommends.

Chain Making Link by Link by Jeanne Jerousek-McAninch
This 127 page manual is a compilation of class handouts from a decade of the author's classes. There are some purely chainmail patterns included, but most of the projects involve other fabrication and soldering, so you'll need access to a torch. This is a fantastic resource for anyone serious about chain making. If you're comfortable with a self-published format, then you should definitely buy a copy.

Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains by Jean Stark
This is the book that taught me how to make these gorgeous chains. Unlike chainmail, a torch is required for this chain technique, since you fuse or solder the (very thin) rings into unbroken circles before weaving them together. The illustrations are clear and easy to follow and the chain weaves are stunning. Highly recommended.

Great Wire Jewelry by Irene From Petersen
This is a classic chain-making book that's been a favorite for years. There are a respectable number of chainmail weaves as well as a detailed section on viking knit. Many of the chain names that she uses are different than the names that I learned, but that doesn't diminish the teaching. A good addition to any wire work library.

Silver Wire Jewelry by Irene From Petersen
A nice continuation of her original Great Wire Jewelry title, this book covers wire coils, japanese weave (with variations), braiding, and crochet. Same presentation as her first book, with similar (great) quality for the photos of demonstration pieces.

Textile Techniques in Metal by Arline M. Fisch
This book has nothing to do with chainmail. It doesn't even have many chains in it. But it's so pretty! Weaving, knitting, crochet, braiding, bobbin lace, basketry, and knots... in metal. Some of the knit/crochet is too jumbled looking for my tastes, but the weaving and basketry is exquisite! The book includes a very nice inspiration gallery that really makes me want to try some of the techniques.

This book is out of print. I'm looking for a source for more copies, but we may be out of luck. Cross your fingers for another edition!